A Memory Painter

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kim Yee Soul, a Korean who studies in English Department Universitas Gadjah Mada. She was a newbie painter when she was 4 years old. She paints what she wants. Everything she wants running in her head and she just put it to a paper or canvas. One of her painting is about a girl wearing red Adidas jacket and some sunflower in the left side of the girl. She paint the girl by seeing the photograph she took randomly from internet, she is really like to use copy technique, which she has to do just take a photograph from models or things she met and she will draw a painting from the photographs. In addition, she also likes to pick randomly a picture from internet and draw it. When I asked her why she like to take a photograph before paint something, she talked about the memories, because she loves travelling, she does not want to loose any memory of what she likes when she is in a new place.

Combination between a girl and some sunflowers make it a unique painting. Some sunflowers seem very interesting, it almost like one of Van Gogh painting. She admits that her inspiration of keeping paint is Vincent Van Gogh; it is why she copied Van Gogh ‘sunflowers’ in her painting. The painting is deal with memory, when she was in elementary school in South Korea, Van Gogh painting always became a cover of the students drawing books.

From my point of view, as a unique and cheerful person her painting not describe any sadness, because one important thing is that she always paint what she like, what makes her happy. Her painting indirectly describes memories, either from a photograph of what she likes or a photograph of what she has been. 
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

There are many ways to express opinions or even explore ourselves. One of them is by stating what we think and feel through writing. Sometimes we are quite satisfied to keep our thoughts or ideas of our own, but it would not be wrong if we try to share our views with other people by publish it. In Indonesia, the publisher who received the writings in English language quite a lot, namely:

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in between IDENTITY

Saturday, May 18, 2013

What your first impression once you meet a transvestite, known as waria?

Afriyani – a teacher
“I was confused to make an impression. Transvestite was full of ambiguity, especially if he wants to go in the toilet, the toilet entrance of woman or man. They also confused in choosing boarding houses, in boarding house for girl or boy.”

Annisa SP – a college student
“Fear and scary when I first met transvestite.. But now pity, because maybe they're so out of economic necessity or influenced by their environment. “

Yes. I felt the same too.  I felt confused and frightened when I first met a transvestite. However, I ever had a chance to know better about transvestites when I was in elementary school. Her name was mama Jensen or Jenny.  She is one of my mother friends. I went to her salon often, just to make sure, was she real? Or it just my imagination character that I used to create in my childhood. She is. Once she knew me went through her house, I felt scared, but then she gave me chocolate and candies, not even scolded me after all spy things I did. Since that, I know that transvestite is also a good person.  I broke my own theory.

First semester in college, my friends and I went to a place, pesantren waria, a transvestite place to get better understanding about their religion.  The owner of pesantren waria is also a transvestite, her name is Bu Maryani. She is 50 years old, but still she is very spirittful while explaining the history of pesantren waria. There were no gorgeous make up, no luxurious things, no heels or gown in her. She wore a veil with neat long dress, so simple yet elegant. She concerned about other transvestite life, invite them to be more religious. She believed that God has a beautiful plan for people like them. Again, it broke my first impression of transvestite, and made me realized that God always has a beautiful plan for any kind of people.

Sixth semester of my study in English Department, one of my friends said that there would be a special guest of Creative Writing Class, a transvestite.  I was so excited and wanted to meet her, unfortunately I could not meet her.

I have not met him yet. Yes he is. A man who transform into a woman. His name is Olivia Sonya Aresta. I was absent in Monday, but there was something deeply beautiful experience I should learn in that day, from Sonya. She was born in Klaten and spent her fugitive life in Yogyakarta. She had ever lived in Cilacap but she got her identity card in Bandung, so complicated.
Everything needs process; even it takes time for years. So did Sonya. She needs process to figure out her identity, as a male or female, or in between

”I used to disturb my little sister for seizing her mini skirt. She was angry to me when I got it. Actually, I wanted to wear it so much. Moreover in that time, I started to collect girl stuffs” 

It is magical long process. Her father prohibited him to play around with the members of the same sex because one day he had smashed on a baseball from his boyfriends. It turned him to search new friends, new identity.

“It’s fun to play with the girls, they’re not messy like the boys, I feel comfortable playing with them”

“pernah aku tu mikir kok yaTuhan tu gak nyiptain aku sebagai perempuan aja dari lahir”,  said Sonya.

He was an ordinary boy, with happy childhood surrounding by many girl and boy friends. Then, he got a process, a process of figuring out a place he felt comfortable. He played with boys, but he felt insecure. He played with girls, he felt safe. He knew in what place he belonged to.

He chose his life. He was in between. He is a transvestite.

It was difficult for him. His mother could not accept his changing; it made him to run out from his family, built a new life of his own. He knew, once he made a decision, he had to take action and all of the consequences.
He started a new life in Yogyakarta. He wanted to finish his study, taking a diploma in one of the university, enrich his knowledge. Sonya is a good person; she also became a volunteer in earthquake disaster on 2006 in Yogyakarta.

“People must know that a transvestite can also helpful”

People may give stereotype of transvestite life, which is close to free sex, sinful, HIV/AIDs but she will prove that transvestite has same right as other common people. She deals with the consequences of her choice with many actions which hard for other people to endure.

Long time ago, she also became a prostitute, but then she decided to make her life more beneficial to others. She tried many things, and learned from many experiences. She has been a beautician, cook, and tailor.

“I make more money than many men, I cook better than many women, I do my own make up better than many women.  I got both,” she said confidently.

She became an activist of many organizations. She is one of the volunteers of PKBI (Persatuan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia) of Yogyakarta. An institution in which concern reproductive health, organizing youth generation, organizing transvestites, and also HIV/ AIDs cases. Become a HIV Aids activist, she started to give people information about HIV Aids, the meaning, the causes, impacts, recovery, and also solution and preventive action to avoid HIV Aids. Because of her kindness to socialize and become a great activist of HIV/ AIDs, she is no longer underestimated by people. She is also famous as someone who has positive energy, smart, skillful, inspiring and hard worker.

Pipit – a medical student
“Transvestite or waria are transgender and transsexual. Not all transvestites negative. In Yogyakarta there is LSM Kebaya, an organization for transvestites. Transvestite could have deficiency of androgen hormones from the beginning of the birth, so the manly instinct was a little. Their physically men, but since they prefer small women toys, and want pretty much as same as women. If the transvestites do not disturb the public, they are just like us. Most transvestites have low education, because it is rare that an educational institution would accept transvestites, or the environment cannot accept them. Most transsexuals often have multiple partners and there are some whom do prostitution, the spread of HIV AIDS on the transgender is high enough. We cannot blame them, because what they suffer is mostly hormonal problems. “

“A transvestite can do many things, both women and men things. It makes many men become a temporary transvestite”, Sonya said.

Sonya's friend who is a man often do some makeup and busking to fulfill his need, because become a transvestite can make more money.

Dafiq & Osa – college students
“Transvestite is in two, women and men. The man became transvestite because the imbalances caused by the formation of the character of the environment and experience. Transvestites be formed by the power of the environment or the people who give the label to them, so they created by the inappropriate labeling given by the environment. Transsexuals may be formed because of personal experience, for example a person who experienced childhood sexual immorality, it encouraged hatred towards men, and soon he wanted to be a woman. Transgender can also arise due to economic factors. One of the examples there was a transvestite in RRI Solo area, he worked as a builder in afternoon, and in the night he worked as a transsexual, busking because the tough economic times”.
All of the experiences of transvestite make me think about my choices and my actions, which one is beneficial to others and which one is the ridiculous thing which hurt others. Everything needs a process, to be better person, to be ourselves. Therefore, we are still searching our identity, but we have to be thankful to God in what we have now.
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Karena Ku Tahu Engkau Begitu - Andre Hehanusa

Friday, May 17, 2013

Kuyakin dalam hatiku, kau satu yang kuperlu
Kurasa hanya dirimu, yang membuatku rindu

Bila saat nanti kau milikku, kuyakin cintamu
Tak'kan terbagi, tak'kan berpaling
Karna kutahu engkau begitu

Hinggaku pasti menunggu, selama apapun itu
Demi cinta yang kurasakan, yang hanyalah kepadamu

Percayalah ku sungguh-sungguh, mengatakan semua
Yakinkan hatimu kau milikku
Karna kutahu engkau begitu
Karna kutahu engkau begitu

a song I used to listen in my playlist since 5 years ago , of you 
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BAG IT !!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bag it? What is it? Story about an unique, hillarious, expensive and tottaly amazing bag? NOPE!! BAG IT means to put in a bag or to stop doing something. Know, I do not want to talk about things I should put in my bag in every single day, but I would like to talk about more ACTION to stop doing a thing, which is to stop using PLASTIC.

Last week, one lecturer played a video about BAG IT. A documenter movie made by by Suxan Beraza featuring Jeb Berrier. The movie tells us about plastics and papers bag. The story began with Jeb Berrier questions of the using of plastic bag. People use plastic bag in many conditions, such as when shopping, buying groceries, buying medicine, and buying many stuffs which always covered with plastics. People can keep plastic bags they get from the supermarket or the store, but when people get a lot of plastic again from the store, what will people do with the many plastics they have?? Keep it? Or just throw it away? Wait!! Is that really? Plastic bags are created to be thrown away?? BIG NO!!

People use to stay in touch with plastic everyday. Like in BAG IT movie, Jeb Berrier said that when he first met with plastic bags, he felt liked he could see plastic bags everywhere. Is that like love? When we first meet our love, we will see he/ she everywhere we pass through. IRONICALLY, NOT. People and plastic bags is not the kind of love relationship, but more about people dependency with plastics. Everythings made of plastic, plastic bag, plastic bottle, plastic uttensil, plastic clothes, and also many things covered with plastics. People in past, made everything from plastic because they think that life would be easier if there was a thing can be used for creating many stuff. Sure, plastic which basically made by several elements of chemical such as polycarbonate, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride can be used for creating everything. To make a plastic bag, people use oil and natural gas which are unrenewable resources. People make plastic using unrenewable resources and just throw the plastic after using it, such a waste! Made of chemicals elements, using  unrenewable resources, plastic also has other drawbacks, which are not easily biodegradable and can cause water and soil pollution.

Many places have banned the use of plastic bags and change it to use paper bags. It makes sense, because 500 bilion plastic bags is used each year in United States make environment pollution. One solution is to change the use of plastic bags to paper bags. As Jeb Berrier said plastic bags can either reduces by human works or reduces itself, which is taking much longer time, but papers bag is much more easily biodegradable.

Paper produced by pressing together moist fibers, typically cellulose pulp derived from wood, rags or grasses, and drying them into flexible sheets. It means using a paper is like cut a tree, which is very important to provide sufficient oxygen to our life. Paper is a sollution for plastic problem, but then, it become another problem with huge effect to people life.

This plastic and paper bags problem must be solved if we want to make better life for the future. The action that could be done to solve the problem for example is plastic waste managements (reduce-reuse-recycle), which are managed by government, organizations, and voluntary people. However, it can not be work if there is no conciousness from the people themselves. If people can seriously take action, the problem of wasting plastic and paper in everywhere would have been managed.

People can make changes to save the world! People can do something for themselves to build better environment by: reduce single-use; make everything worth it and use it in two times or more, like using personal bottle if buy a coffe in a coffeshop, less packaging; try not using plastic to cover enything, use fabric or other thing except plastic, do not drink bottle water, bring your own bag when shopping; to reduce the use of plastic bag, buy less stuff; means we can decrease the use of plastic or paper which use to wrap the stuff we buy, apply the principal of reduce, reuse, recycle, and clean our environment. I do believe people can do action to safe their life. Because maturity is not when we start speaking big thing, but when we start understanding small thing, like using less plastic and paper, and also simplify our life. Using less plastic and paper bag, and BAG IT !
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Cinta Tak Pernah Tepat Waktu

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

" hidup ini bukan hanya mengenai pencarian, tetapi tentang apa yang kita miliki saat ini "

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