Sunday, January 5, 2014
desk - where i do many explorer

note - as i'm a forgetful person,  i write everything i should do in this notebook

comfy bed - there are many pillow on it, but i never use them to sleep -

a cupboard not a commode

scarfs - many scarf to wear, i love scarf!

things i have to bring on every occasion

LaNit - monkey doll from Lia and Onit - she is wearing Nico - my utmost beloved glasses
freshen up my mind, i took many photographs of my room. my weird habit is to name everything i have, like my white laptop, i name it lepu (laptop putih), the big monkey doll, i name it ayry. and everything i have name for it. kinda weird but i love it! so i'm still doing that , xixixi :)


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